A Fortnight on the Queen Scary

24 Sep

A Fortnight on the Queen Scary

My apologies to one and all for the lapse in the weekly blogs. To say that the last few weeks have been ‘off the charts’ would be putting it mildly. A train trip to New York City to meet with Publishers Simon and Schuster resulted in an incredible twist of fortuitous events. I had the most wonderful few days walking around the Big Apple; anonymous and untethered. I treasure my everyday life, but on this trip, I wasn’t Mom, Dr. Hensley, or Dear Customer your payment is overdue. I was the great ‘I Am’; undefined and unlimited.


Wide-eyed and hopeful, I was in New York for the very same reason so many pilgrims have flocked to the city that never sleeps; in pursuit of a dream. There is no buzz on Earth quite like the anticipation of the realisation of one’s dreams! A few Broadway shows mixed in with a whole lot of walking, NYC did not disappoint, especially when capped off by the Simon and Schuster experience on The Avenue of the Americas. A day later, I swapped my train for a plane, grabbed my Mother and headed for California.

The ‘Alive and Healthy Conference’ aboard the Queen Mary, was sponsored by Vaishali, my dynamic co-hostess on the Sunday radio show at ctrhotspot.com “You Are What You Love”. We arrived a few days early, and Mom and I had a wonderful time exploring the ship with Mairead, my friend and agent, from Dublin. We spent time with author and CEO of Shepard Star Productions, Gary Quinn, catching up on the latest news about his new book, “The Yes Frequency”. (Check Gary out at www.garyquinn.tv).

The Princess Diana exhibit was featured on board, and we had an imperial blast going through the extensive collection of Royal Family paraphernalia, including 14 of Diana’s original ball gowns. We topped off the royal treatment with High Tea in The Tea Room, crowned with a stunning view of Long Beach. To most, a view that includes oil rigs and lots of scaffolding would not rank amongst the prettiest of pictures, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For Mom, she was peering out at her childhood. The Long Beach Naval Base had been home to her father’s ship, the U.S.S. Alabama, where he had served as a Naval Surgeon during World War II. She had not been back since she lived there as a sixteen year old, so the Queen Mary trip was far more than a working holiday for me; it was a check off Mom’s Bucket List.


It was like a step back to a time when Art Deco was en vogue, with 1940’s music playfully swinging through the ships PA, and the original wood accents, period furniture and enormous black and white photographs creating an almost surreal atmosphere. An absolute magnet for party-goers looking for a different experience, the Queen Mary hosted costume parties, including people dressed as haunted characters from the 1940’s, to retro weddings where you would swear that Gloria Swanson and Rita Hayworth were bridesmaids, with Loretta Young, Judy Garland and Bob Hope cheering from the audience. This is a unique location where you are liable to see absolutely anything or anyone; dead or alive!

Our first night on board, Mom and I had just returned from dinner when we carefully crossed the raised threshold to enter our cabin. Mom turned around to say something to me and just as she did, I could feel the sensation of a hand sliding down my neck, just as my heavy leather choker was being yanked off and thrown at Mom’s feet! Scared? Now way! We were nearly jumping out of our skin with excitement that Mom was getting to see all that the Queen Mary has to offer. Ranked as the most haunted location in America, we were off to a great start.

The following morning, our jewellery fanatic was at it again. Mom had a very delicate, large, gold medallion from 1909. The words on the metal were cut out in fine filigree, so Mom had placed its chain in a separate covering so it wouldn’t get tangled. When she opened it, the chain had been taken out of its pouch and interwoven between every single letter on the antique Horse Jumping Medal with such purpose; it took her nearly an hour to unwind it. In the meantime, I had jumped into the shower, housed in a giant, old style tub, complete with knobs for fresh and salt water, a remnant of the ships interesting accoutrements from her heyday.

When I got out, Mom was still unwinding her own necklace across the room, when I realised that while I had been in the shower, all of my jewellery had been stacked up on top of itself, looking something like a sparkling, bejewelled Christmas tree.

The last time I had been on the QM, I had been awakened after 4 am, by an apparition hovering next to my bed. This man, who appeared to be in his 30’s, proudly told me that he had stolen the diamond necklace that he was holding in his hands. I said that I was sure that whoever he had taken it from was well over it at this stage. Out of curiosity, I asked him what year he had stolen the Hollywood style, full-length diamond choker. He replied, “1939”, and then vanished. I am fairly certain that all of the jewellery antics were caused by my friend, just stopping by to say “Hey, I’m still here!”

On the Saturday night during the ‘Alive and Healthy’ Conference, a special, Haunted Ghost Tour had been organised for our group. The last time we had taken this tour, my friend, Irene, from Ireland, had taken the most incredible shot that clearly showed two of the ship’s most well-known spectres. John, a maintenance man who had been crushed in two in a freak accident in the engine room, and Jackie, a young girl who had drowned in the ship’s pool many moons ago.

On this tour, when we were down in the engine room, my mother thought that Bradford, our loveable and incredibly knowledgeable tour guide, kept patting her on the shoulder to let her know that she was doing a good job navigating the tricky cat-walks and stairways. When we surfaced, Mom’s cardigan had huge greasy handprints all over it, a calling card, no doubt, as maintenance man John continued to search over and over for his lost wrench. Mom was delighted and refuses to have the cardigan cleaned!

Joe Cosgrove, Vaishali’s father, has just written an amazing book called “Walt Dreamers Me”. It is packed full of unknown facts about Disney and incredible anecdotes from Joe’s life and his time spent with Disney. He is a member of Club 33, a ‘secluded’ location in Disneyland with the most amazing gourmet restaurant and one-of-a- kind paraphernalia from, and about, the legendary Walt Disney. Club 33, originally set up as a reward for the 33 original investors in Disney’s dream, is the most fascinating collection of sensory stimuli, right down to the Mickey Mouse Macaroons! The meal was exquisite, the company was first class and I can truly say that Mom had the time of her life.

Following the meal, we went back out into the park and enjoyed the rides; the jungle adventures, soaring over California, Pirates of the Caribbean, and yes, we even did It’s a Small World…after all, what trip to Disneyland would be complete without it! (Check out Joe’s story at http://www.waltdreamersme.com)


As Mom recuperated from a busy day at the park, I headed to Hollywood to meet up with radio and TV broadcaster, Dr. Marissa Pei. (Check her out on YouTube, iTunes and Facebook). Marissa is my Asian twin! Same haircut, same stories, same sense of humour! We had a blast prerecording a broadcast along with my friend Aron O’Dowd, a blind healer from Ireland who has packed a lifetime of experiences into his 22 short years. Not only is he one of Ireland’s top rowers, the intention is that he will head to Rio to represent the nation in the 2016 Olympics. With a wonderfully wicked sense of comedic timing, we laughed, he cracked some killer blind jokes as we relished in the joy of a lifetime that sees only the possibilities; not that which it ‘cannot see’. No moaners allowed on that show, and we rocked Hollywood with messages of love, positivity and the simple reminder, “We already are that which we seek!”

In true MH style, I’ll share with you this one horribly embarrassing little morsel. So funny, however, it would be criminal not to share it. I had decided to get a manicure/pedicure on my last day to wind down and prepare for the trip home. While I was there, I decided I may as well go the ‘whole hog’ and have a facial and bikini wax, too. Apparently in California, bikini wax has a whole different meaning than it does in Ireland. Before I even knew what was happening, I felt a smack and heard an unmerciful rip as I realised that I now looked like Bozo the Clown… bald in the middle, fluffy on the sides. There was no way I could leave myself in such an awful state, and as the beautician cursed me in Vietnamese, I tried to explain to her that never, even during the greatest heat wave would anyone in Ireland wear, let alone own, a set of swimming togs that would require them to be completely devoid of any ‘protection’ at all. She screwed up her face as if I was the insane one!

So we’re flying home the following day and had to divert our route due to bad weather. I would have hated to see what we would have gone through if we hadn’t changed course, because for three solid hours we banged and bounced across the continental U.S. I’ve had some pretty rough flights over the years, but this one ranked up there amongst the scariest of them all. Mom and I wrestled for the arm rests, and ultimately it was her precious little fingers we would pry loose when the plane eventually landed.


People were very quiet, stewardesses were strapped in and there was a whole lot of praying going on. All I could think about was the fact that when they finally found my body strewn amongst the wreckage, some wise-cracker would find me bald as an eagle, and THAT would be my legacy. You know how the media can be. They would say nothing about my children, my healing sessions, my public speaking, my books, and my life’s mission… only the horrendous wax job.

Just as I was giving myself a good chuckle, Mom looks over at me and out of the blue she breaks an hour’s silence with…

“Remember that fella at the conference? Didn’t he sound just like the dwarf lady from Poltergeist?” And she puts her head back, closes her eyes and says nothing else. So now, in addition to plummeting to my death with a botched bikini wax, the last words I would hear on the Earth plane would be my mother whispering, “Walk into the light, Carol Anne”. I told you, just too funny not to share!

By the grace of God and the fact that I simply have way too much to do to die just yet, we finally landed safely in Charlotte, North Carolina. I picked up the car, and at midnight, proceeded to drive the three hours home, taking time to kneel beside my bed before going to sleep, just to say thank you. I simply don’t think I could manage anything else.

So, several visits to the chiropractor and massage therapist have finally pulled my shoulders out of my ears and released the tension created from maintaining the fight or flight stance for three straight hours (Just because I know when I die, doesn’t make me immune to feeling the fear of traumatic situations!)

Mom and I are home and well, and I have just completed all of the work for my newest book, ‘The Chakra Fairies’, to be released by Book Hub Publishing next month. It’s all go from here as I spend the next few weeks rewriting the ‘Promised’ Trilogy into one book and churning out the first chapter of ‘Apotheosis’. If I don’t answer the phone, don’t take it personally!

In a few weeks, I’m off to Virginia Beach to speak on the Promised Trilogy at the Edgar Cayce facility, the Association for Research and Enlightenment. I’m then going to take in a weekend seminar on the Ancient Mysteries with Gregg Braden and the star and producer of the Ancient Alien TV series, Giorgio Tsoukalos. To say I’m excited simply doesn’t do it justice.

I am so grateful for all of these wonderful adventures and the chance to connect you with everyone who crosses my path. I sincerely hope you will take the opportunity to enrich your hearts and minds with the works of some of the people I have been so fortunate to meet in person. We are All connected, we are All deserving of the great blessings and lessons that life has to offer and we are all the ONE.

Until next time…

Shine On!






2 Responses to “A Fortnight on the Queen Scary”

  1. Ruth Biafora September 24, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    I was one of the lucky ones to share time on many of the great adventures that you describe below.  They are etched in my memory banks forever and am so lucky to have met the beautiful Helen, the wonderful Bradford, experience Disneyland in a whole new light, and share time and space with the one of kind, Mary Helen Hensley.  Thank you for making me laugh, shed a tear of remembrance, and be excited for new journeys yet to come.  Always, Ruthie xoxoxo

    >________________________________ > From: Mary Helen Hensley >To: ruth_biafora2003@yahoo.com >Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 3:26 AM >Subject: [New post] A Fortnight on the Queen Scary > > WordPress.com >maryhelenhensleyauthor posted: “A Fortnight on the Queen ScaryMy apologies to one and all for the lapse in the weekly blogs. To say that the last few weeks have been ‘off the charts’ would be putting it mildly. A train trip to New York City to meet with Publishers Simon and Schuster res” >

  2. Jason Cram September 24, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    It was great meeting you! Lunch at the Club was truly memorable! The company and conversation were top notch. I am glad to hear you and your lovely mother made it home safely and I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to run into you again someday!

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