My How Reality Flies

29 Oct

My How Reality Flies

It’s hard to believe that my time at home in Virginia is swiftly coming to a bittersweet end. I have loved being here with family and friends, going on great adventures, creating foundations for a new future, yet my heart longs to return to my other reality, that of an entirely different support network back in Ireland. It reminds me of a topic we discussed today on our radio show “You Are What You Love”. It was the idea that we are constantly living, adjusting, experiencing and adapting to a multi-faceted ‘reality’. When a change, no matter how slight, is made in one actuality, it has a profound effect on all other paradigms.


Decisions that I have made over the years regarding my life Ireland have always been influenced by the fact that there is a part of me, the ‘early years’ me which has deep roots in America. Whilst in America, each thought, every small choice or decision also stands to have great impact on the life I have made for myself and my family abroad. A single choice can create a domino effect on all of my realities, therefore allowing me to experience many things, all at once. We look to the ethers and dreamily wonder what it would be like to be something else to do something different, giving little attention to the very fact that simply by creating an idea of an ‘alternate reality’ we are, in essence, having that experience on some level.

Have you ever been lost, even for a moment, in the thoughts of what you would do if you won the lottery? Would you quit your job or work at your own leisure? Would you pay for the educations of your nieces and nephews, start a school, donate to charity, or simply retire to an exotic island? The idea that ‘thoughts become things’ doesn’t necessarily mean that having the thought makes you an instant millionaire. It means that every time you give wings to an idea, a process takes place within the brain actually allowing you to experience the physical, chemical and emotional effect of the thought; it’s the dopaminergic effect at its finest. Thought, thus, become things, or at the very least, your body invites you to believe that it is so. Need a more simple explanation? Ever think of someone you are so crazy about and your stomach flips, and things begin to tingle?

Thoughts become things…



In my current duality of reality, I am imaging a life that allows me to be both Irish and American all at once. Not just being an American abroad, or an Irish citizen living back in America. I am currently creating a thought process that will allow me to experience both, rather than being one and dreaming of the other. I am concentrating so deeply on this outcome, I lay it on the table now and say…watch this space. You are watching this thought become a reality right before your very eyes.

So why all the talk about thoughts and things? Well, if I can do it, Lord knows you can. What parallel reality would really float your boat? What multi-dimensional expression of your life would you like to see come to fruition? Concentrate, create the feeling, the chemical reactions, the frequencies within your body fantastic, that actually allow you to experience the ‘feeling’ that your idea of perfection is actually happening. Your body will become conditioned, your mind will come to expect it and your person will go out and make it happen.

The mind is the seed-plot of infinite creation, but just how much attention do you give to your garden. If Mary, Mary is quite contrary, how will that garden grow?

Ten days and counting until a turn my life on its ear again and return to Ireland. I look forward to the opportunity to shake it all up again and encourage you do the same. You don’t have to leave the country to do it; you simply need to offer up a new playground on which your mind can play. You are multi-dimensional, fabulously layered, incredibly clever individuals. Go forth and create some new experiences and train your brain to seek out new realities!

Until next time…

Shine On!


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