A Little About Me

I am orginally from Martinsville in Virginia but have resided in Ireland for fourteen years now. I am the author of the ‘Promised’ Trilogy and ‘The Pocket Coach’ published by Book Hub Publishing. I am a healer and a motivational speaker.

In December of 1991, I was involved in a car accident that changed my life forever. With vivid clarity, I was able to recount all that took place during my near death experience, along with a reconnection to my life’s purpose. After the accident, a lifelong ability to communicate with those in spirit, coupled with the gift to see future events, was enhanced by a new endowment; to touch an individual, “download their past” and use this information to facilitate healing.

I attended a chiropractor to begin my journey back to health. And I became so intrigued by the education I received while under my chiropractor’s care, I returned to school and became a Doctor of Chiropractic. I practised in this capacity up until the summer of 2012 when the past injuries of December 1991 resurfaced, veering me onto a new path in life. Once again, the universe intervened! I now divide my time between motivational speaking, writing and healing. In my healing work, I have helped hundreds to turn anguish to insight, distress to discernment and heartbreak to healing. Many individuals have healed themselves of life-threatening diseases under my guidance, reclaiming their lives and moving forward with a new understanding of the intricate links between the mind, body and spirit. I am also the author of three books published with Book Hub Publishing based in Galway, Ireland including Promised (2009), Circles of Light (2010) and The Land Beyond the River (2012).



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