The Demonstration of Love

26 Jul

The Demonstration of Love

This is one of those times when I’m just going to throw my hands up and ask for forgiveness in advance if I am not politically correct or up-to-date on the latest vernacular being used when discussing the subject matter for this blog. To be quite honest, I think folks are folks.  I genuinely believe that which makes us appear to be different, is at best, only skin deep. I grew up during a time when it was all too common to hear people with dark skin referred to as ‘niggers’. It used to make me cry, and it happened a lot.

I remember when black was OK and then it wasn’t, and then it was African-American, until I recently read a piece by Bill Cosby in which he pointed out that today’s black population is no more African-American than those whose great, great grandparents hailed from the British Isles or the Continent should be referred to as European-Americans.  It made me ponder the question of separation and when it was decided that folks weren’t just folks.

Take, for instance, my parent’s generation, and my mother and father, more specifically. My household was one that was completely intolerant to racism or bigotry in any shape, form or fashion. Yet, if my mother was describing a friend that she met in town, and this friend happened to be dark-skinned, she would say something like,

“You know, Mrs. Smith, the beautiful coloured lady whose son plays ball for Dad.”

To Mom, she was distinguishing one Mrs. Smith from the other Mrs. Smith; the beautiful white lady whose son played ball for Dad. In her youth, in her family, it was the verbiage used to describe and specify someone; the same as a name, a hair colour, a street address or a place of employment. There was absolutely no malice, and there was certainly no feeling of being’ better than’ in her personal perception, although she was surrounded by those who felt otherwise. Dad also grew up in the South, and was a great believer that a huge part of his ‘calling’ to leave the seminary and go into teaching and coaching full time, was to come back to his home town and start creating opportunities for kids, both ‘black’ and ‘white’, who might otherwise never get a shot at a higher education. Sports were his vehicle and many talented athletes and scholars passed through his hands to go on to study and play at the college and pro level, all because someone not only believed in them, but taught them to believe in themselves.


When I arrived back in America two weeks ago, it was amidst all of the controversy surrounding the outcome of the Trayvon Martin murder trial. Admittedly, because I no longer live in the States, I know very few details about what happened, other than it has created a tension in the air that I haven’t felt for quite some time in these parts. There was a peaceful demonstration in my home town and in towns and cities all across America, last Saturday. As always, there are a few who would rather stir the pot of conflict than serve love from the cup of kindness. The reality is none of us were there and we’ll never know what actually happened in the moments leading to the shooting.

My children are great fans of the Disney Channel. They love the movies that are made for TV and particularly the ones with singing and dancing. There is one movie, in particular, which takes place in a church with a black congregation, where they sing, clap, dance and shout out “Amen”, right in the middle of the service. My girls think this is so totally cool, compared to their experiences of sitting quietly, listening to organ music and a monologue, daring not to flinch on any Sunday they have ever attended church. So naturally, after seeing this movie, they asked if I would take them to a church like that, so they could ‘feel’ what it was like. I knew exactly who to ask to make this happen.

Ms. Ondea has been a friend of mine ever since grade school, and is on my ‘must see’ list every time I come home. She and the girls have developed a great rapport over the years and they just adore one another. I know she is a very active member of her church and when I told her what the girls had requested, she was absolutely delighted to accommodate by inviting us come to her service the following Sunday; the day after the march for Trayvon Martin.

I was so excited when my mother decided that she would accompany us to Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church. The girl’s Dad had just arrived in from New Zealand and he came along too. With open arms, every single member of that church welcomed us, hugged us, and said “I Love You” at some stage during the service. The music was outstanding and no one was looking at a watch, including me. I didn’t want it to end. The entire congregation was praising God in a tangible way, under the catch phrase, “Everybody is Somebody at the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church”.

The sermon was entitled “The Demonstration of Love”. Not just talking about it, but showing it. One powerful example used was a reference to the Trayvon Martin murder trial, in which the congregation was charged by the visiting Pastor to be bigger than the verdict. Let that sink in. No matter what your opinion on the outcome, whether in favour or appalled, you must learn to be bigger than the verdict. You don’t undue years of progress by burning your own bridges. You could nearly feel people laying down their burdens as he preached his message of love. It was absolutely electric.

I have come to realise that the evolution of humanity and humane behaviour take time. We’ve come a long way and we’ve got a long way to go. But I gratefully notice the changes in my children’s generation. Kids are identified amongst their peers by name; sometimes by nationality, but very rarely by the colour of their skin. Racism is a learned behaviour. Separation is not innate to our species. Where I live now, religious preference has an ugly history, much like skin colour where I grew up. Both are slowly changing, and like my parents, I have a deep connection, a ‘calling’, if you like, to help build that bridge amongst my generation and the one before me. My kids? It’s a ‘no brainer’ for them. Folks are folks…end of story.

After the preacher invited those who wanted to give cheerfully to the church to come forward with their offerings, an announcement was made reminding the congregation about the upcoming Community Day this Saturday. Several times a year, PMBC feeds and clothes those in need in the community, absolutely free. My mother looked over at me and nodded. I knew exactly what was going through her mind.

One of the most difficult things to do after the passing of a loved one is to find an appropriate home for their belongings. Some people hang on to the possessions for sentimental reasons, others give to friends or donate to charity. No one solution is any more valid than another. It’s a deeply personal decision. My father crossed over nearly a year ago. My mother has been waiting to do something special with his wardrobe, often stating that she would ‘just know’ when it was time. Looking around the congregation of this church, Mom saw countless families whose children had been taught by Dad, whose sons had played ball for him, and those who had been important, lifelong friends of her own children. It was time.

Yesterday, we gathered up Dad’s entire wardrobe and drove over to the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church. They were elated with the enormous donation to their Community Day, but more importantly, they assisted my mother in reaching a major milestone in the grieving process. The thought that members of the community that Dad had dedicated his life’s work to supporting, would be receiving his clothing, took a potentially devastating event for my Mom and surrounded it with tremendous joy. The Demonstration of Love.

This coming Saturday, rather than going to the pool or heading off to the beach, my girls and I will be found on the corner of 3rd and D, helping the good folks of PMBC to feed and clothe those in need. It’s imperative, as far as I’m concerned, that my children learn that the demonstration of love is not the ‘appearance’ of doing good, but the actions required to see a good deed through to the end. We can talk about how we don’t believe in the separation of race or religion in the community, or we can get out and demonstrate that belief.


There is a lot of senseless crime in this world, and it’s not just race related. Yet with each incident, we have the opportunity to succumb to the hatred or demonstrate love. Every time we choose love, we encourage others to remember that they, too, are love. It’s slow and painful, but the alternative is simply unthinkable. Folks are folks…and I choose love.

Until next time…

Shine On


Better the Devil You Know

18 Jul

Better the Devil You Know

One week ago tomorrow, my girls and I arrived in the good ‘ol U. S. of A, amidst thunder storms and air so thick with humidity it would choke a horse. Everywhere we went, people were complaining about the month long torrent of rain and how summer was simply ruined by the bad weather. On our second day at Gramma’s, the clouds were still grey and heavy with the promise of yet another downpour, but it was hot out…really, really hot. The girls were begging to go to the pool, because the idea of swimming outdoors at a community pool is such a wonderful novelty to them. We put on our togs and headed out and the girls squealed and splashed and enjoyed a great big pool all to themselves, because no one in these parts was interested in a day out amidst the clouds. As I sat back and watched the girls swim, I realised just how fortunate they have been to have grown up in a country where, quite frankly, sunshine is an intermittent luxury. It has provided them with two really great life skills; adaptability and gratitude.


Rather than allowing the fact that the sun isn’t shining to deter them from anything; be it a football match, a day out at the park, a drive to the beach, they have learned that if you want to do something, you just do it. If the sun happens to make an appearance, way hay…BONUS!


The thunderclouds rolled in and the pool was closed for the remainder of the evening, so we packed up our gear and headed home. Forgetting the golden rule of ‘cloud-bathing’, I was burnt to a crisp and a week later I still resemble one of those people on the skin cancer commercials with the outline of a necklace seared in to their beat red skin. When we arrived back to Mom’s house, the rain started to fall just as we were getting out of the car.

“OMG, Mommy, it rains HOT in America!” And with that, the two girls ran into the back garden, hand in hand, the unfamiliar sensation of warm rain pouring all over their delighted little faces. They danced; they spun in circles and the innate desire in any child who sees a delicious green, grassy hill kicked in… and they rolled. Up and down the hill they went, rolling in the rain, giggling and laughing with genuine elation. What a sight! No phones, no ipads, no TV, just good, old-fashioned kids play. I couldn’t help but kick off my shoes and go stomping through the deep puddles, right along with them. It did my own heart the world of good.


Whenever we come back to Virginia, I do my best to give the girls a taste of what it was like for me when I was growing up. One of the staples of summer in my youth was Vacation Bible School. Singing, arts and crafts and learning stories from The Bible were as much a part of summer for me, as going to the pool every day. While my personal practices and beliefs have expanded dramatically since those days, the basic elements of love for The Creator and treating others with compassion and respect remain a common thread from my past to the present.

My girls attend a Catholic school and we are not Catholic, yet it is the most predominant religious practice in Ireland, therefore, I want them to understand it. Attending Vacation Bible School is much the same. Some of the beliefs within the Baptist church are totally foreign to the way my girls have come to view the world, but I genuinely believe that by giving them the opportunity to mix and mingle with those who practice a different relationship with God and the Universe, can do nothing but deepen their compassion and understanding for their fellow travellers on this journey through life.


After the first night of Bible School, Jada hopped in to the car sporting her new, neon yellow t-shirt with the VBS theme of the week printed on front and a fist full of home-made goodies she had made in arts and crafts. Jada and her sister, Jemma, simultaneously recited a verse they had learned that evening.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

“Mommy, didn’t our Coach (my Dad) used to say that all the time?”

“He sure did. It was one of his favourites”, I replied, as Gramma beamed in the front seat.

“Hey, Mom, did you know that those nice people who were teaching us tonight believe that there is a Devil?”

This, coming from the child whose hand shot up in protest during her obligatory baptism before making her Communion with her classmates at age 7, just before shouting up to the priest,

“You mean we have to believe in Satan to do this???”

Even he laughed. Better the Devil you know…

Jemma, wearing a bracelet with big gold letters that say FEARLESS, turned to her sister and tried to explain, in 11 year old terminology; the dichotomy of dark and light to her younger sister. I continued on with the idea that in some religions people believe in an actual being of dark, where in our house, the concept of dark or evil is a part in us that forgets who we really are, and falls for the illusion that we are somehow separate from The Source. The devil, being an ancient representation of the idea that we are seeking our Divinity and can be tempted to stray towards sin, as opposed to the idea that we already are Divine and have temporarily incarnated in to a world that fools us in to thinking otherwise.

Rather than fearing the idea that allowing your mind to explore the beliefs of those around you may somehow contaminate your own experience, why not allow an open mind to create an exciting new path of growth and understanding?

Faith and spirituality are a lot like the weather. For some, sitting by the pool on a cloudy day is simply unthinkable. Who on Earth would want to do that? Tell that to a couple of kids who have grown up in a country where they have only had the opportunity to swim indoors in covered swimming pools, without the wind or the sun or the rain on their faces. We all have different experiences of the world around us. Sometimes we make grand assumptions that just because something is true for us, it must then, be true for others.

Take the time to walk in another’s shoes every now and again, to keep your mind fresh and open to all possibilities, or better yet, kick off those shoes and splash in the puddles. You never know, you might just gain a greater understanding of your own ‘devil inside’. Better the devil you know…

Until next time…

Shine On!



Dates with Destiny

4 Jul

Dates with Destiny

I’ve never really understood astrology; the house of the rising sun or the fact that Mercury always seems to be in retrograde. But one thing I do know, there are certain times and dates which have significant meaning and, mysteriously, seem to carry more power, attract more magic, having an astounding impact on the flow of life. Is it written in the stars? Who knows, but what I do know is that this period of time, the week leading up to and following the 4th of July are historically more explosive and spectacular than any commercial fireworks display when it comes to my life story.


I moved continents 14 years ago today and opened my new business three days later. Last week, one of the most important turn of events in my literary career was set into motion and in 6 days I pack my bags and head to America for three months of research and writing. I’ve launched two books with Book Hub Publishing during this window of time and countless other major life events have unfolded in the sultry days of summer that are pre and post 4th of July.

While it’s obvious that school is out and it’s summer holidays, making it an attractive time to plan events, what I find interesting are the synchronicities which are out of my hands, i.e. the birthdays of significant others, the fortuitous business deals and the strange influx of opportunity which accompanies this particular stretch of calendar time for me.


How funny that it lands smack in the middle of Independence Day, a day Americans originally celebrated freedom from England which, over the years, has turned into a celebration of the privilege of simply being free.

Today, I look around and see that the vibration of change which has accompanied me on this date throughout my life is one that is happening on a global scale. The people of the world are taking to the streets, demanding freedom because in reality, none of us are fully free if all of us aren’t (That’s a blog for another day.

Look back through your own history and see if there are periods of time which occur and reoccur as a running theme for change in your life. If in fact, there is something to the way the alignment of the stars affects certain days and times, why not recognise it and use it to your advantage? If the cosmos has provided you with a reoccurring time-frame for change, why not be prepared next time and extract everything you possibly can from it?

I have witnessed too much in my own life for this two week window to be “coincidence” for me. Therefore, I now welcome it, celebrate it and assist the Universe in assisting me by getting off my butt and assuring that all of my ducks are in a row every year during my own personal power surge, from the last days of June through the first week of July.

Why? Why not! I don’t need to understand why it happens this way – only that year after year it just does. I can choose to see it and use it to my advantage…or not.
Someone asked me yesterday how come nothing “spectacular” was knocking at their door in regards to healing and personal change. My reply was simple.
“Have you waited for the knock at the door or did you set the table, open the door and invite opportunity in?”

Use your dates with destiny to your advantage people. Recognise continuous patterns of both high activity and lulls in your calendar year and act accordingly.
Pay attention to the signs, the patterns, the “coincidences” (as if there were actually such a thing) and start using them to assist you with creating the life experiences that you seek.

Today is a celebration of freedom in my native land. Why not take a moment to reflect on the areas of your personal journey where standing up, taking action and following the signs could impact your freedom from anything that holds you back?
Abundance cannot flourish without a lot of elbow grease.


On so many levels I wish you a spectacular Independence Day. You don’t have to be an American on the 4th of July to make this a date with destiny. Go create some fireworks of your own!
Until next time…
Shine On

A Little DO RE MI of Sunshine

27 Jun

A Little DO RE MI of Sunshine

What a wonderful Monday today was! A friend of mine dropped by the office for a visit with her gorgeous little girl. Little Emily was full of chat and when she realised that she was there for her very own healing session, she bounced up on to the table, ready to go. Children are amazing beings. The questions they ask are without reservation, without hesitation and are in earnest, not laced with suspicion or fear. They simply want to know why.

Straight away, Emily spotted my tuning forks. I explained to her that who she really is, is living inside of her body. That she is not the body, but that the body is allowing her to experience life on Earth. Who she really is, a beautiful, divine being of pure energy, loves to take a bath in sound, to clean off the muck of life, just like her body loves to bathe in water. Happy out with that explanation, she giggled and said that the sounds tickled her all over. She also sang and perfectly matched each tone as it moved through her energy field. It was simply stunning to watch.


Nikola Tesla, the Siberian/American electromagnetic genius is quoted as saying,

“If only you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 frequencies, then you would have the key to the Universe”.

The root vibrational numbers of the six original Solfeggio frequencies are 3, 6 and 9 according to the Pythagorean method. In the book of Genesis, there is clear mention of the six days of creation. The Bible, under the influence of the Near Eastern culture at the time of the life of Jesus, puts forth the number seven as ‘the number of completeness’. It was believed during this era that there were seven planets. There are many scientists who believe that our world was ‘vibrated’ into existence. The Biblical reference to the six days or sounds of creation is a possible clue that today’s researchers may not be the only ones subscribing to that theory.

When I began using the Solfeggio tuning forks in my work, I wasn’t expecting the changes that would occur, not only in my patients, but in me. The prospects of the Solfeggio frequencies and vibrational healing are ancient and from a world which no longer exists. They are only returning full circle, in their infancy, in modern science. The concept of DNA repair with the use of specific frequencies, hands back the consciousness that no one heals us but us, and it makes me smile all over. It is pure, it is the conscious creation of a perfect state of being and it is the direction that I shall continue to head, because in my heart, I know it to be true.

When Emily had been cleared out with the entire set of Solfeggio frequencies, she hopped off the table, grabbed her mother by the hand and said,

“O.K. Mrs., it’s your turn. Get up there”. Her mother obliged and got up on the table. Almost instinctively, Emily grabbed the 528 Hz, which relates to the note MI on the original musical scale and derives from the phrase, “MI-ra-gestorum”, which in Latin translates to ‘miracle’. This is the exact frequency currently being used by bio geneticists to repair broken DNA, the genetic blueprint upon which life is based. When she began to strike the fork with the small, rubber mallet, I noticed something. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures as she moved up and down her mother’s body. Emily wasn’t alone.


When she finished with her Mom, she looked at me and said with authority,

“You’re next, Mrs.!”

Before I got on the table, I showed her mother what I had been seeing. Amazingly, they had turned up in the pictures. We swapped places and now it was Emily’s Mom taking the pictures of her precious little girl, facilitating a healing for me. Again, she wasn’t on her own.

I must say, I was absolutely delighted that my friend was able to witness this beautiful moment with her child but I was equally as thrilled that I wasn’t the only one who saw it. So often, I sit behind closed doors in awe of the miracles taking place all around me, wishing that others could see it the way I do. Today, a mother and daughter got to share in a most amazing experience together and I was fortunate enough to be there to see and feel it with them.

Never doubt that the children coming in to this world aren’t coming in already programmed with the knowledge and abilities that will assist them in changing the current state of the world to a higher vibration. There is order and wisdom in the grand scheme, and today was a spectacular reminder that our future is in really good hands.


To love, honour and respect the children around us with constant reinforcement of their vivid and wild imaginations…that’s our role. The continuation of our species depends on it. We cannot overprotect those who have come to change the world and we must not ‘mainstream the magic’ right out of them, simply because we may not understand or remember it ourselves. When children tell us that they can see or hear things that we might not be able to perceive, believe them anyway and let them know that it’s perfectly ok to interpret the world around them in whatever way it makes sense to them. You never know, if you release your inhibitions, you may eventually see a little magic yourself!

All of this brings to mind a movie recently released called “Epic”.  It’s currently playing in cinemas and states best my thinking on this matter.

“Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there”. What a powerful message to send out to our young people. I highly recommend the film to children of ALL ages.

Thanks to little Emily and her Mom, for sharing this Do Re MI of sunshine with us all.

Until next time…

Shine On

An Epiphany of Epi-Gastric Proportions

20 Jun

An Epiphany of Epi-Gastric Proportions

Anyone who has followed my posts since the start of the New Year has been kept up-to-speed and informed about my decision to do a series of liver and gall bladder cleanses. My digestive tract has been screaming at me for the last few years, sometimes whittling my diet down to lentils and lettuce leaves, lest I create an intestinal revolt of gastronomic proportions by stepping any way out of line. So I cleansed and I cleared and I cleansed again.

People remarked how fresh I looked, how my skin glowed and my shape began to transform. I must admit, it felt good in comparison to the usual comments about how tired and pale I looked. As one who is accustomed to ploughing through and getting things done regardless of my physical state, it felt foreign, strange even, to wake up in the morning refreshed, as opposed to dragging myself out of bed. So much so, that I wasn’t sure if I could adjust to this new state of well-being as it was so not what I was conditioned to deal with.


I know as a doctor, a healer, a motivator that people expect to hear non-stop positivity about making healthy choices and the benefits of clean living. But I’m no ordinary spin doctor. I like to tell the truth about my experiences in hopes that other people will find some nugget of insight that allows them to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Yes, I do believe that making good choices for your body has a major impact on your quality of life. I see living proof of it every day in my work. But equally important, I feel that there is much wisdom to be gained, a deeper insight in to the human condition, to recognise, accept and integrate a more inclusive understanding of what actually ‘makes us tick’ as individuals.

Something happened the other day which highlights an area of study that is near and dear to my heart. I have noticed for quite some time now that people can attempt to make major changes in the way in which they nourish the body, through healthier food choices, moderation or elimination of processed or low vibration foods, yet still they struggle to achieve anything resembling an optimum state of health. It all hit me like the proverbial ton of sausages at my daughter’s birthday party.

I was delighted that my friend, Sheila, and her daughter had come to celebrate the occasion with us. We were at the local bowling alley and while the kids were off blasting one another in the laser tag arena, Sheila and I had a precious few moments to catch up on our own. We have one of those great friendships which allows us to pick up wherever we left off, no matter how much time has passed.

She was filling me in on a bizarre set of circumstances that had just taken place in her life and I, in turn, filled her in on a different series of events which had resulted in a very similar set of feelings, in my own recent history. We had both been left, as a result, with the sensation of feeling accused of a crime we had not committed. Due to ‘stuff’ going on in other people’s lives; we had been at the receiving end of some unpleasant projections of anger and resentment. We both spoke of how we had released and let go of any attachment to the outcome, with a willingness to store the experiences away in the “I can’t control how others act, only how I react” files. While we spoke of these events, I was eating a very small piece of my daughter’s birthday cake.

My oldest daughter had just turned eleven the week before. The kids were dressed as movie stars, they danced and laughed and I engaged in light-hearted banter with the other adults at the party. During this emotionally neutral occasion, I was completely in the present, with no deep conversations of hurt or the need for resolution of internal conflicts. During this time, I ate a large helping of birthday cake.

The night before this party, I had been on a rare night out on the town, long enough to see the sun starting to rise on the horizon. I was with my cousin and his friend, visiting from America. We joked and laughed and danced and indulged. The atmosphere was light and inviting. I had a large coke the following day; I think I even had a big, fat, burger and fries before I washed it all down with a substantial slice of scrumptious chocolate biscuit cake. Not my normal fare by any means. The end result was a full belly and a smile on my face.

Only a few short days later, there I was, nibbling a much smaller slice of cake, having eaten salad and drinking nothing but water for the day, when I engaged in a very in-depth conversation about an upsetting series of events which had not only taken place in my friend’s life, but in my own, as well. I hadn’t made it through more than a few bites of cake when the conversation was forced to a halt. Suddenly, I could feel my gall bladder starting to spasm and I took off for the bathroom like an Olympic sprinter, barely making it in time.

As I sat in the loo, the sounds of arcade games and squealing children echoing off the tiles, I realised exactly what was going on. The state of mind when eating anything is equally, if not more important, than what we are actually eating. Even the so-called healthiest of foods can be toxic to the human form if taken in excess or under strenuous circumstances. I’ve been a student and practitioner of the power of frequency and vibration for years now. I have understood the power of it, taught the effects of it, yet there, sitting in the bowling alley bathroom, the proverbial light bulb went click.

I have spent years watching fad diets come and go; most of them I’ve tried at one time or another. But something about that day, that moment, imprinted on my psyche the relevance of the state of mind in relation to the healthy assimilation of any food. While speaking to my friend about the upsetting circumstances which had taken place weeks earlier, I literally became the vibration of that which I was speaking about. I was no longer present, I was mirroring the feelings I had experienced, even though I had eventually come around to letting them go. But at that moment, the very moment that those few mouthfuls of cake were going in, I resonated with the feelings of hurt and confusion I had felt when this particular set of events had transpired. That cake didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of digesting peacefully.


On the flip side, a week earlier, when I really challenged my system with a huge pile of junk food throughout the course of the day, my mood, my conversation, and my internal frequency was one of joy and laughter. All of the food went down a treat, nourishing my body and soul with the same levity as the atmosphere in which it had been eaten.

I have come to realise that so many people have yet to fully accept the fact that they are actually here on planet Earth. Here in body, yes, but so many struggle with the idea that this realm is here to allow us to experience All Things. We have become so limited in our ability to go with the flow of life; to observe ourselves in such a way that would allow us to learn and grow from our challenges rather than constantly waging war with them.
The vast majority of us have been taught to believe that the great rewards are to be found after death, following a lifetime of struggle, self-loathing, including off and on loyalty to any number of belief systems about the mind, body and the safety of our immortal souls. 
Did it ever occur to you that the great rewards for a spirit, temporarily experiencing the human condition, might be the incredible opportunity to live through the dichotomy of dark and light, only to wake up to the reality that to live at all, is the soul’s great adventure? Imagine if we mastered the ability to stay present, in high vibration, not only when making choices about how we nourish our bodies, but in every interaction we make. Imagine that life for a moment.

For me, I learned a major lesson that day; not at the peak of some mystical mountain top, chanting ohms in lotus position, but sitting in the toilet of a bowling alley in the midlands of Ireland. Enlightenment has no preference when it comes to position or location.

My hope is that some tiny morsel of this story rings true within you. I’m all about making responsible choices when it comes to the health and happiness of the body, but I have also come to realise that while we can take tips and advice from those who know more about the inner workings of the body than we do, ultimately it is up to the individual to determine what resonates with who they really are and what way they want to experience life in the human form.

For me, from here out I will be far more concerned with my mental state of being than the state of what I’m eating. It stands to reason that higher vibration foods will assimilate much easier than those that are over-cooked, over processed and lifeless, but what good is it to place high vibe sustenance into a system that is so wrought with tension and anxiety that the body can’t use it in mighty ways?

For my dear friends forever on a diet, or those who are constantly battling issues with digestion, assimilation and excretion; take a minute to breathe, check out your environment, how present you actually are, the next time something passes your lips. You may be surprised to find the answer to your woes is far less complex than the carbs you are eating.

Until next time…

Shine On





Flying Squirrels and Uvulas

15 Jun

Flying Squirrels and Uvulas

It was a busy week in the Hensley household with visitors, parties and surgery. Because we have no blood relations in Ireland, (although we have a large circle that we consider family), when relatives from America come to visit, there is sheer pandemonium in our place. Last Thursday, my cousin, Chris, and his friend, Calvin, stopped by on their whirlwind tour of the Emerald Isle. Sandwiched between visits to Italy and Portugal, the recent college grads were all too happy to take a break from hostels and hamburgers to spend a few nights in our cottage in the country with some home cooked meals. Ok, we all know I don’t cook, but I served up some lovely take-away on my very best dishes!

While on a cruise down the Shannon on Athlone’s own Viking Boat, the lads were captivated by the beautiful scenery, bathed in sunlight from a cloudless sky.


“This weather is awesome! I could so live here!” they reckoned, while sipping ice cold beer in the shade. Mmmwwwhhhaaaa… I didn’t have the heart to tell them…

My faith in the future generation was given a major boost when these 2013 graduates of Ohio State, fresh from the world of academia with President Obama as their commencement speaker, now on their oversees tour, opted out of an all-day music festival to celebrate my daughter, Jemma’s, eleventh birthday. Now, this was no ordinary birthday, this was a Hollywood red carpet event where the children dressed as their favourite film characters and shot a dance video to the music of Ms. Nicki Minaj. Not only did Calvin and Chris assist with the party, they donned costumes, helped to decorate and danced in the video with the kids. While Chris wore a Brave Heart costume (adding his own touch with the iconic Nicki Minaj pink wig), Calvin busted a move dressed as a giant flying squirrel. Their families and friends responded to Facebook posts with things like,“Why a flying squirrel?” To which my friends replied, “No video would be complete without one!”

As our party hostess, Aishling, of Attitude Dance Studio, proved on the day a great party doesn’t have to cost a fortune when imagination is your key ingredient!

Our guests wowed me again as they stayed up watching scary movies with the slumber party gang until nearly 3 a.m. The following day, Jemma’s actual birthday, we took a quick spin to Galway to drop the boys off on the next leg of their journey. The Salt Hill promenade was thronged with sun worshipers so we took a quick detour to my kid’s favourite place to eat in Galway, Fat Freddie’s. As luck would have it, we were walking down the street and passed RTE’s own Ryan Tubridy. He could not have been more gracious, welcoming our guests to Ireland and posing for pictures with Jemma for her special day. It was the proverbial icing on her birthday cake.



The following morning we were up at the crack of dawn for admission to the hospital.  Jemma’s unusually large tonsils had put up a good fight but finally got the best of her and had to come out. We were placed in a room with another teen and her mother. Amy and Sheena were actually neighbours of a long- time friend of ours and we ended up having a great laugh while chatting and eating ice-cream and toast til the wee hours of the morning.

When Jemma’s surgeon came around to check on her and answer any questions, I couldn’t help but swell with pride when she relayed to him that her uvula was swollen and felt as if it were blocking her oesophagus. No real shocker though, as this was the same child who jumped on to the hospital bed face down when we arrived and said, “Mom, you better adjust my spine before they put all that stuff in my body.”

Educate and inform …it’s the greatest gift we can give to our children.

After working all day today with my publisher to complete the second and completely revised latest edition of “The Pocket Coach”, motivational quotes by my father, I was also delighted to hand in the first draft of my new children’s book to be launched in a few months, entitled “The Chakra Fairies”. Not only am I thrilled to share this method of releasing baggage and fear which I created to teach my children to clear their chakras on a nightly basis, my girls have done the illustrations for the book and are looking forward to their own first time of being published!

I now look ahead to tomorrow, where I will be found playing laser tag and eating cake with a group of giddy girls, as my daughter, Jada, celebrates her arrival on this great planet of ours, nine very short years ago. It’s truly been a week of rediscovering my youth; that elusive inner child that everyone speaks of as if it could actually disappear. It doesn’t matter if you are 9, 11, 22 or ahem…44, there is no one who couldn’t use a flying squirrel in their lives every now and again.

Until next time…

Shine On



Graduation: Explore, Dream, Discover

4 Jun

Explore, Dream, Discover


“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover…” – Mark Twain

Last week, I had the most wonderful pleasure of addressing the graduating class of 2013 at Carlisle School in Martinsville, Virginia. It was a special day, not only for the honour of having been asked to speak to this exceptional group of young people, but because my father had played a key role at this institution at a time when there were questions of whether or not the school would survive, in the mid 1980’s.

 As a lifelong Martinsville Bulldog, the transition to Carlisle for my last two years of secondary education was a decision I didn’t take lightly. It meant leaving friends that I had known since kindergarten, and moving into unfamiliar territory with a different curriculum, while attempting to carve a new niche at a time when reinventing my academic expectations took a back seat to the vanity and insecurity experienced by most sixteen year olds.

Twenty- six years later, I stood before the group of wide-eyed hopefuls and asked myself,

“What would ‘future me’ tell ‘past me’ that would really make a difference?”

I found myself gravitating towards the topic of ‘mistakes’. The word mistake is a funny thing, in that for most, it implies something that should have never taken place; a thing that if given a second chance, we would do differently. As I stood in the glorious sunshine with the wind gently blowing (a day that any Irish person would gladly welcome as a grand summer’s day), I realised that I could do nothing greater for these young adults, ready to fly from the nest and take on the world, than encourage them to celebrate ALL things that would take place in their lives. Let’s face it, telling a high school graduate that the beautiful journey that he or she is about to embark on will be nothing but high achievements, great parties and fairy tale romances would simply be untrue. Those of us who have made it this far along can attest to this as fact. Teaching a young person to embrace all experiences; the highs and the lows, the heartbreak and disappointments, the laughter and success… now that’s a life skill they could use.

Somewhere along the way, the idea of success as an individual being based on high academic scores, landing a job with a large bank roll attached, has crept, no, Bull-Dozed its way into the Western psyche. What a terrible deception, a horrible disservice to promoting the concept that the human life experience was meant to be valued on ‘stuff’ rather than substance of character. Why, without a lifelong series of rollercoaster pleasures and pains, I would hardly have had the material to write the story of my life in such a way that would spark interest, stir passions or create opportunities for introspection and growth!


I implored these students of life to look into the eyes of the person next to them; to understand that they are all part of the ‘One’. What they would do to another, ultimately they would do to themselves. I explained that I had watched the sun set from atop the Eiffel Tower, ridden a camel train across the desert in Tunisia, made money, lost money, loved deeply, been broken-hearted, and shared a bar-b-que sandwich with my mother in Pigs-R-Us in my hometown; each of them precious and equally important in reminding us to stay present and see the magic in all experiences.

With graduations and celebrations of rites of passage taking place all around us, I remind you to stop the grind every now and again and ask yourself if you are judging a life well lived based solely on the pleasurable returns from the effort of living, or are you embracing every morsel of the chance to live at all?

Twenty-six years after my own high school graduation, I can assure you with very fibre of my being, that if your journey and your choices have allowed you to make it this far, the ONLY things that stand to disappoint ‘future you’ are those experiences that you allow to pass you by because of fear.

Fear is a great catalyst, a very useful frequency at times, prompting us to move out of harm’s way. But when the fear of failure or being judged becomes your focus, the baseline from which you operate, your life has no chance of ever becoming anything beyond a mediocre pile of missed opportunities. To cheat oneself out of loving ALL of life… now THAT is a terrible deception, indeed.

With great love and appreciation for the past, the present and the future adventures…

Shine On